The New MVD Marquee Collection and MVD Classics Labels on Blu-ray Unveiled

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The folks at MVD Entertainment Group have launched a couple of new labels that will be releasing titles on Blu-ray Disc. The new labels over at MVD are as follows below.

The MVD Marquee Collection label will include studio and indie films that aren’t quite “cult” classics but old enough to be considered ‘catalog” titles. The first releases coming to the label are listed below along with the release dates.

  • Walking Tall (2004) (Special Edition)8/14
  • Crazy Six – 8/28
  • Blast 8/28
  • Autumn In New York8/28
  • Barbershop (Special Edition)9/11
  • Barbershop 2: Back In Business (Special Edition) – 9/11
  • Beauty Shop9/11
  • Out Of Time (Special Edition)10/9
  • Art School Confidential – 10/9
  • Windtalkers (2-Disc Ultimate Edition)10/23
  • Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction (Special Edition)11/13
  • Memories Of Me11/27

The MVD Classics label will deal with films that fall between the companies other labels and might be deemed a little “obscure” for some. Not all of these titles will be coming to Blu-ray either, as some don’t have HD masters, etc. The first releases coming to the label are listed below along with the release dates.

  • Diamonds Of Kilimanjaro – 9/11
  • Golden Temple Amazons – 9/11

More information regarding these releases and such will be added to this post later, such as cover art and pre-order listings over at Amazon. Stay tuned for updates.

Below, after the break, you’ll find some official statements from the distributor regarding these new labels – taken from the press release.

PRESS RELEASE (excerpt):

Label curator Eric D. Wilkinson explains the differences between each line and what they hope to accomplish…

Pricing: One of our goals here with these two new labels is to keep the prices down. In order to do that it means using existing transfers and all previously available bonus material. For both “Marquee” and “Classics”, some of these titles may have been released on DVD in the past with bonus material and then released later on a movie-only Blu-ray and the studio didn’t include the previously available bonus material. We aim to correct that by marrying the previously available bonus material with our Blu-rays so you can finally get rid of those old DVDs. In some cases there won’t be any bonus material. Shooting interviews and documentaries drive the costs up and our goal here is to bring you the movies and make them as affordable as possible. But if there was bonus features available in the past, we’ll do our best to include them here, all on the same disc.

Transfers: With these new labels / brands we’re going to use what’s given to us because it’s about keeping the costs down and passing those savings on to consumers. In many cases some of these titles will have been previously released on Blu-ray early on with a half decent transfer BUT using the MPEG-2 codec. If we are provided the same transfer / master as before we’ll be using the H.264/AVC codec and in many cases a BD-50 to give the transfer as much breathing room as possible. IF we do a new transfer we’ll let you know. It might affect the price a little, but we’ll make sure you are aware!

Slipcovers: Like the MVD Rewind Collection THE FIRST PRESSINGS FROM “MARQUEE” AND “CLASSICS” WILL ONLY HAVE SLIPCOVERS. After that sells out, no more slips. If consumers collect slips, my recommendation is to pre-order. Anything past street date is not guaranteed to have a slip.

Neither “Marquee” or “Classics” will be numbered.

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