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June 16th | June 9th
June 2nd | May 26th
May 19th | May 12th
May 5th | April 28th
April 21st
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June 16th, 2020

columbia_classics_4k_collection_volume_1_front_4kColumbia Classics: 4K Ultra HD Collection – Volume 1 [Sony] *

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June 2nd, 2020

apollo_13_4k_steelbookApollo 13 (SteelBook) [Universal]
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

inception_4k_steelbookInception (SteelBook) [Warner]
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

parasite_4kParasite (2019) [Universal] *

the_town_4k_steelbookThe Town (SteelBook) [Warner]
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

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May 26th, 2020

the_deer_hunter_collectors_edition_4kThe Deer Hunter [Shout Select]

maniac_4kManiac (1980) [Blue Underground]

zombie_4kZombie (1979) [Blue Underground]

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May 19th, 2020

days_of_thunder_4kDays of Thunder [Paramount]

onward_4kOnward [Disney] *

onward_4k_target_gallery_book_flatOnward (Gallery Book) [Disney] *
Target Exclusive Packaging

onward_4k_steelbookOnward (SteelBook) [Disney] *
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

sonic_the_hedgehog_4kSonic the Hedgehog [Paramount]

sonic_the_hedgehog_4k_steelbookSonic the Hedgehog (SteelBook) [Paramount]
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

the_blues_brothers_4kThe Blues Brothers [Universal] *

img_1326The Blues Brothers (SteelBook) [Universal] *
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

top_gun_4kTop Gun [Paramount]

top_gun_4k_steelbookTop Gun (SteelBook) [Paramount]

war_of_the_worlds_2005_4kWar of the Worlds (2005) [Paramount]

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May 12th, 2020

birds_of_prey_4kBirds of Prey [Warner] *

birds_of_prey_4k_steelbookBirds of Prey (SteelBook) [Warner] *
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

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May 5th, 2020

47_ronin_4k47 Ronin [Universal]

47_ronin_4k47 Ronin (SteelBook) [Universal]
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

bloodshot_4kBloodshot [Sony] *

bloodshot_4k_steelbookBloodshot (SteelBook) [Sony] *
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

braveheart_4k_steelbookBraveheart (SteelBook) [Paramount]

d-dady_normand_1944_4kD-Day: Normandy 1944 [Shout! Factory]

gladiator_4k_steelbookGladiator (SteelBook) [Paramount]

the_incredible_hulk_4k_steelbookThe Incredible Hulk (SteelBook) [Universal]
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

the_mask_of_zorro_4kThe Mask of Zorro [Sony]

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April 21st, 2020

bad_boys_for_life_4kBad Boys for Life [Sony]

bad_boys_for_life_4k_steelbookBad Boys for Life (SteelBook) [Sony]
Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook

ip_man_4_the_finale_4kIP Man 4: The Finale [Well Go USA]

the_gentlemen_4kThe Gentlemen [Universal]

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* = A title not yet officially announced by the studio and/or distributor. However, the said title is listed on multiple retailers. These titles should be considered RUMOR until officially announced.