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November 12th, 2019

the_big_bang_theory_the_twelfth_and_final_season_blurayThe Big Bang Theory: The Twelfth and Final Season [Warner]

the_big_bang_theory_the_complete_series_blurayThe Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series [Warner]

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August 30th, 2019

i_trapped_the_devil_bluray.jpgI Trapped the Devil [Shout! Factory]

isle_of_the_dead_blurayIsle of the Dead (1945) [Scream Factory]

the_harder_they_come_blurayThe Harder They Come (1972) [Shout Select]

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August 27th, 2019

the_banana_splits_movie_blurayThe Banana Splits Movie [Warner]

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August 20th, 2019

the_walking_dead_the_complete_ninth_season_blurayThe Walking Dead: The Complete Ninth Season [Lionsgate]

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August 13th, 2019

django_the_bastard_blurayDjango the Bastard [Synapse Films]

galaxy_of_terror_bluray_steelbookGalaxy of Terror (1981 Steelbook) [Scream Factory]

the_new_kids_bluray_vhsThe New Kids (1985 Retro VHS) [Mill Creek Entertainment]

the_vanishing_shadow_blurayThe Vanishing Shadow (1934) [VCI Entertainment]

shadow_blurayShadow (2018) [Well Go USA]

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August 6th, 2019

batman_hush_blurayBatman: Hush [Warner]

brick_blurayBrick (2005) [KL Studio Classics]

the_curse_of_la_llorona_blurayThe Curse of La Llorona [Warner]

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July 30th, 2019

bojack_horseman_season_one_and_two_bluray.jpgBojack Horseman: Seasons One & Two [Shout! Factory]

humanoids_from_the_deep_bluray_steelbookHumanoids From the Deep (1980 Steelbook) [Scream Factory]

long_shot_blurayLong Shot [Lionsgate]

lust_for_a_vampire_blurayLust for a Vampire [Scream Factory]

quatermass_and_the_pit_blurayQuatermass And The Pit [Scream Factory]

quatermass_2_blurayQuatermass II [Scream Factory]

the_intruder_2019_blurayThe Intruder (2019) [Sony]

the_leopard_man_blurayThe Leopard Man (1943) [Scream Factory]

the_reptile_blurayThe Reptile [Scream Factory]

tubro_a_power_rangers_movie_blurayTurbo: A Power Rangers Story [Shout! Factory]

ugly_dolls_blurayUglyDolls [Universal]

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July 23rd, 2019

1984_criterion_bluray1984 (1984) [The Criterion Collection]

alita_battle_angel_blurayAlita: Battle Angel [Fox]

criss_cross_blurayCriss Cross (1949) [Shout Select]

critters_attack_blurayCritters Attack! [Warner]

do_the_right_thing_criterion_blurayDo the Right Thing [The Criterion Collection]

hellboy_2019_blurayHellboy (2019) [Lionsgate]

hellboy_2019_bluray_steelbookHellboy (2019 Double-Sided Steelbook) [Lionsgate]
Target Exclusive Steelbook

ID4_BD Ocard_vC.inddMissing Link [Fox]

universal_horror_collection_volume_2_blurayUniversal Horror Collection: Volume 2 [Scream Factory]

weird_science_-_arrow_video_blurayWeird Science (Special Edition) [Arrow Video]

weird_science_-_arrow_video_bluray_steelbookWeird Science (Limited Edition Steelbook) [Arrow Video]

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July 16th, 2019

abduction_blurayAbduction (2019) [Scream Factory]

breakthrough_blurayBreakthrough [Fox]

from_the_earth_to_the_moon_blurayFrom the Earth to the Moon [HBO]

hold_back_the_dawn_blurayHold Back the Dawn (1941) [Arrow Academy]

klute_blurayKlute (1971) [The Criterion Collection]

law_and_order_blurayLaw and Order (1953) [Shout! Factory]

noir_archive_volume_2_blurayNoir Archive: Volume 2 [Kit Parker Films]

shazam_blurayShazam! [Warner]

Shazam! 3D [Warner] – Blu-ray 3D

space_1999_the_complete_series_bluray_flatSpace: 1999 – The Complete Series [Shout! Factory]

strays_blurayStrays (1991) [Scream Factory]

the_bakers_wife_blurayThe Baker’s Wife (1938) [The Criterion Collection]

the_big_bad_fox_and_other_tales_blurayThe Big Bad Fox and Other Tales [Shout! Factory]

the_chill_factor_blurayThe Chill Factor [Arrow Video]

the_leopard_man_blurayThe Leopard Man (1943) [Scream Factory]

thunder_bay_blurayThunder Bay (1953) [KL Studio Classics]

titans_the_complete_first_season_blurayTitans: The Complete First Season [Warner]

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July 2nd, 2019

an_acceptable_loss_blurayAn Acceptable Loss [Shout! Factory]

fm_blurayFM [Arrow Video]

the_best_of_enemies_blurayThe Best of Enemies [Universal]

the_public_blurayThe Public [Universal]

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July 9th, 2019

american_experience_chasing_the_moon_blurayAmerican Experience: Chasing the Moon [PBS]

gotham_the_complete_series_blurayGotham: The Complete Series [Warner]

gotham_the_fifth_and_final_season_blurayGotham: The Fifth and Final Season [Warner]

high_life_blurayHigh Life (2019) [Lionsgate]

lonesome_dove_bluray_steelbookLonesome Dove (Steelbook) [Mill Creek Entertainment]

mothra_bluray_steelbookMothra (1961 Steelbook) [Mill Creek Entertainment]

Blu-ray-Osleeve_Template [Converted]Pet Sematary (2019) [Paramount]

pet_sematary_2-movie_collection_blurayPet Sematary: 2-Movie Collection [Paramount]

picasso_trigger_blurayPicasso Trigger [Mill Creek Entertainment]

savage_beach_bluraySavage Beach [Mill Creek Entertainment]

silent_hill_collectors_edition_bluraySilent Hill (Collector’s Edition) [Scream Factory]

the_great_northfield_minnesota_raid_blurayThe Great Northfield Minnesota Raid [Shout Select]

this_island_earth_blurayThis Island Earth [Scream Factory]

the_loveless_blurayThe Loveless [Arrow Video]

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