Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Collection on Blu-ray

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BREAKING: It has just been announced via the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con at Home panel that the Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Collection Blu-ray box set is officially coming December 1st, via Warner.

UPDATE: This title had been originally slated for an earlier release, but has now since been pushed back by roughly a month. To avoid confusion, I’ll only be discussing the new release date, as listed above.

The 3-disc Limited Edition box set includes a total of 60 cartoon shorts featuring Bugs. 20 of the shorts have previously been released in the form they are in here, while 40 of the other shorts have never been released or haven’t been remastered before (until now). I’ll have a bit more specific detail on the shorts and such included in this set soon, hopefully, as I’m waiting for a press release. It is known that the set will come with digital copies for all of the 60 shorts. You can now find the Blu-ray set available for preorder over at Amazon. The set will come with some cool physical bonus items as you can see below, including a figurine.


I’ll, again hopefully, have more specific details regarding those and the other bonus materials set to be included on this release soon. The panel discussion hinted at some new audio commentary tracks coming for some of the shorts, for example. More on that soon. Lastly, since this year Comic-Con took place at home in virtual panels, you can actually watch the entire panel online below.

Finally, here is some info regarding who all participated in the Comic-Con at Home panel:

“Bugs Bunny’s 80th Anniversary Extravaganza — Take a trip through eight decades of laughs and carrots when WBHE presents an all-encompassing look at one of the world’s most beloved and recognizable stars. Three current voices of Bugs Bunny — Billy West (Space Jam, Futurama, Doug), Jeff Bergman (Tiny Toon Adventures, Our Cartoon President) and Eric Bauza (Looney Tunes Cartoons, Muppet Babies) — join Looney Tunes Cartoons executive producer Pete Browngardt, movie historian/author/TV personality Leonard Maltin (Entertainment Tonight), animation historian/author Jerry Beck (Animation Scoop), and George Feltenstein (Senior Vice President, Theatrical Catalog, WBHE) to discuss Bugs Bunny’s history from theatrical shorts to Saturday morning cartoons and the new HBO Max series. Actress Yvette Nicole Brown (Community, Avengers: Endgame, DC Super Hero Girls) will moderate.”