EDITORIAL: A Look at “Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series” set on Blu-ray

So, I have to admit growing up in the eighties and absolutely loving all things that the late Jim Henson created. Henson’s creations meant the world to me both as a child and even still do to me as an adult. Be it the “Muppets” and those shows and films, or be it the films he worked on like “The Dark Crystal” (1982) or “Labyrinth” (1986), they all entertained me – and still continue to. One of my favorites growing up as a kid, that I haven’t had the time to revisit until just this week, was the show “Fraggle Rock” that ran from 1983 through 1987 – for a total of five seasons.

That show just came out this week in a “35th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” booklet set as Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series on Blu-ray Disc, via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. I’ve been watching this and plan on reviewing it in the near future, but I have other things planned before, so I figured I’d give you a little glimpse at the packaging and offer up some early screenshots from the first few episodes. Below, after the break, you can find the photographs of packaging and some early screenshots.

So, let’s first take a look at the excellent job that the folks at Sony have done on the packaging for this very cool limited edition set on Blu-ray. It contains a total of 12 Blu-ray Discs, that house the entire 5 seasons of the live-action show and even the entire animated series (on disc 9). There even are some nice physical items included like a paper cut-out of “Uncle Traveling Matt” from the show, to be used for photo ops on Twitter with hashtag use. That alone is just fun to see, if you remember how things worked on the show with that character. There’s also an “Episode Guide” that Uncle Traveling Matt is your host (of sorts) on. Here’s what the packaging looks like for this release and what those physical items included look like.



This looks to be a decent improvement visually in comparison to the previous home video releases, but does have some occasional issues due to being shot on tape (videocassette) and the show’s use of blue and green screen techniques. Still, that being said, this looks good enough to leave a fan pleased. The audio sounds very good in the lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Stereo, which is important for a show that had its share of musical numbers in each episode. That said, I’ll be fully reviewing this release later. In the meantime you can find it on store shelves or order it over at Amazon. Hope some of you enjoy this editorial. I’ll be doing perhaps more of these in the future, as it is a bit to cover so much at once – just doing this all as one person.