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EDITORIAL: A Look at “Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series” set on Blu-ray

So, I have to admit growing up in the eighties and absolutely loving all things that the late Jim Henson created. Henson’s creations meant the world to me both as a child and even still do to me as an adult. Be it the “Muppets” and those shows and films, or be it the films he worked on like “The Dark Crystal” (1982) or “Labyrinth” (1986), they all entertained me – and still continue to. One of my favorites growing up as a kid, that I haven’t had the time to revisit until just this week, was the show “Fraggle Rock” that ran from 1983 through 1987 – for a total of five seasons.

That show just came out this week in a “35th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” booklet set as Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series on Blu-ray Disc, via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. I’ve been watching this and plan on reviewing it in the near future, but I have other things planned before, so I figured I’d give you a little glimpse at the packaging and offer up some early screenshots from the first few episodes. Below, after the break, you can find the photographs of packaging and some early screenshots.

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Jim Henson’s “Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series” on Blu-ray in September

FRAGGLE_ROCK_DIGIBOOK_FINAL copyUPDATE: PRE-ORDER is now available over at Amazon!

The Jim Henson created TV series “Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series” is finally coming to Blu-ray Disc on September 25th via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Tech specs include remastered HD video and lossless audio spanning across a 12-disc set. In other words: full 1080p HD video and DTS-HD Master Audio sound. No word yet on if they will be presented in the original 1.33:1 aspect ratio and if they’ll receive 5.1 treatment for the audio, but stay tuned for an update. The release is going to come in scrapbook packaging titled the “35th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” as you’ll see pictured above.

A rather lengthy amount of bonus materials set to be included on the release are listed below, after the break.

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