New Blu-ray Releases for May 26th, 2020

The following new titles will be released May 26th, 2020 on Blu-ray Disc:

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May 26th, 2020

a_man_a_woman_and_a_bank_blurayA Man, a Woman, and a Bank (1979) [KL Studio Classics]

a_midnight_clear_blurayA Midnight Clear (1992) [Shout Select]

all_night_long_1981_blurayAll Night Long (1981) [KL Studio Classics]

angelas_ashes_paramount_2020_blurayAngela’s Ashes (1999) [Paramount]

ator_the_fighting_eagle_blurayAtor, The Fighting Eagle (1982) [Dark Force Entertainment]

atlantic_city_2020_paramount_blurayAtlantic City (1980) [Paramount]

before_the_devil_knows_youre_dead_shout_select_blurayBefore the Devil Knows You’re Dead (Collector’s Edition) [Shout Select]

bloodtide_blurayBloodtide (1982) [Arrow Video]

breeders_1997_blurayBreeders (1997) [Dark Force Entertainment]

dolly_dearest_blurayDolly Dearest (1991) [Vinegar Syndrome]

escape_from_la_collectors_edition_blurayEscape from L.A. (Collector’s Edition) [Scream Factory]

funeral_in_berlin_2020_paramount_blurayFuneral in Berlin (1966) [Paramount]

how_to_make_a_monster_blurayHow to Make a Monster (1958) [Scream Factory]

husbands_criterion_blurayHusbands (1970) [The Criterion Collection]

in_search_of_dracula_blurayIn Search of Dracula (1974) [KL Studio Classics]

on_a_clear_day_you_can_see_forever_2020_paramount_blurayOn a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) [Paramount]

once_were_brothers_-_robbie_robertson_and_the_band_blurayOnce Were Brothers: Robbie Robertston and The Band [Sony]

pale_blood_blurayPale Blood (1990) [Vinegar Syndrome]

scorsese_shorts_blurayScorsese Shorts [The Criterion Collection]

solid_metal_nightmares_-_the_films_of_shinya_tsukamoto_bluraySolid Metal Nightmares: The Films of Shinya Tsukamoto [Arrow Video]

taza_son_of_cochise_3-d_blurayTaza, Son of Cochise 3-D (1954) [KL Studio Classics]

the_chicken_chronicles_blurayThe Chicken Chronicles (1977) [KL Studio Classics]

the_invisible_man_2020_blurayThe Invisible Man (2020) [Universal]

the_phantom_rider_1936_blurayThe Phantom Rider (1936) [VCI Video]

the_reluctant_debutante_blurayThe Reluctant Debutante (1958) [Warner Archive]

the_woman_2011_blurayThe Woman (2011) [Arrow Video]

thousand_pieces_of_gold_blurayThousand Pieces of Gold (1990) [Kino Lorber]

ultraman_ace_-_series_five_blurayUltraman Ace: Complete Series Five [Mill Creek Entertainment]

ultraman_ace_-_series_five_steelbook_blurayUltraman Ace: Complete Series Five (SteelBook) [Mill Creek Entertainment]

white_fire_blurayWhite Fire (1984) [Arrow Video]

wildlife_2018_criterion_blurayWildlife (2018) [The Criterion Collection]