New Blu-ray Releases for February 25th, 2020

The following new titles will be released February 25th, 2020 on Blu-ray Disc:

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February 25th, 2020

and_hope_to_die_blurayAnd Hope to Die (1972) [KL Studio Classics]

color_out_of_space_blurayColor Out of Space [RLJE/Image Entertainment]

end_of_the_century_2019_blurayEnd of the Century (2019) [Cinema Guild]

el_bruto_1953_blurayEl bruto (1953) [VCI Video]

el_esqueleto_de_la_senora_morales_blurayEl Esqueleto De La Senora Morales (1960) [VCI Video]

flesh-eating_mothers_blurayFlesh-Eating Mothers (1988) [Vinegar Syndrome]

frozen_2_blurayFrozen II [Disney]

give_me_liberty_blurayGive Me Liberty (2019) [Music Box Films]

hasta_el_viento_tiene_miedo_blurayHasta el Viento Tiene Miedo (1968) [VCI Video]

hot_dog_the_movie_blurayHot Dog… The Movie (1984) [Synapse Films]

hudson_river_massacre_blurayHudson River Massacre (1965) [MVD Classics]

it_started_with_a_kiss_blurayIt Started with a Kiss (1959) [Warner Archive]

knives_out_blurayKnives Out [Lionsgate]

la_barraca_1945_blurayLa barraca (1945) [VCI Video]

line_of_demarcation_blurayLine of Demarcation (1966) [KL Studio Classics]

max_and_the_junkmen_blurayMax and the Junkmen (1971) [KL Studio Classics]

mom_and_dad_bluray.jpgMom and Dad (1945) [Kino Classics]

paris_is_burning_criterion_blurayParis is Burning (1990) [The Criterion Collection]

perfect_friday_1970_blurayPerfect Friday (1970) [KL Studio Classics]

pet_sematary_two_collectors_edition_bluray.jpgPet Sematary Two [Collector’s Edition] [Scream Factory]

quai_des_orfevres_blurayQuai des Orfèvres (1947) [KL Studio Classics]

reefer_madness_-_sex_madness_blurayReefer Madness (1936) [Kino Classics]

spookies_1986_bluraySpookies (1986) [Vinegar Syndrome]

stop_making_sense_blurayStop Making Sense (1984) [Second Sight]

the_candy_snatchers_1973_blurayThe Candy Snatchers (1973) [Vinegar Syndrome]

the_climbers_2019_blurayThe Climbers (2019) [Well Go USA]

the_deadly_trap_1971_blurayThe Deadly Trap (1971) [KL Studio Classics]

the_maya_deren_collection_blurayThe Maya Deren Collection [Kino Classics]

the_third_lover_1962_blurayThe Third Lover (1962) [KL Studio Classics]

una_familia_de_tantas_blurayUna familia de tantas (1949) [VCI Video]

unashamed_-_a_romance_bluray.jpgUnashamed: A Romance (1938) [Kino Classics]

victory_1981_blurayVictory (1981) [Warner Archive]