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1982 Tobe Hooper film Poltergeist on 4K in September

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The 1982 film Poltergeist is officially coming to 4K UHD Blu-ray on September 20th via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.  The film, directed by Tobe Hooper and co-written & produced by Steven Spielberg, starred Craig T. Nelson, JoBeth Williams, Dominique Dunne, Oliver Robins, Heather O’Rourke, Beatrice Straight, Martin Casella, Richard Lawson, and Zelda Rubinstein.

Tech specs for the release appear to include a 2160p video presentation in the 2.39:1 aspect ratio with HDR10 form of high dynamic range and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and 2.0 Stereo lossless surround sound mixes.  The release will come in the form of a “combo pack” with a Blu-ray counterpart and a digital code (copy) of the film.

UPDATE:  You can now find the 4K UHD Blu-ray available for preorder over at Amazon.  You can also find the 4K UHD Blu-ray listed for preorder over at retailer Best Buy.  It’s also worth noting that Best Buy will be getting an exclusive 4K UHD Blu-ray SteelBook (pictured below) which is also now available for preorder.

The title has not yet been officially announced [stateside] but you can likely expect the following bonus materials listed below to be included, based on the UK 4K UHD Blu-ray release [already announced].

  • “They Are Here: The Real World of Poltergeists Pt. 1- Science of the Spirits” RT: 15:30 
  • “They Are Here: The Real World of Poltergeists Pt. 2- Communing with the Dead” RT: 15:31 
  • “The Making of Poltergeist” RT: 7:15 
  • Trailer RT: 2:25 

Further below, after the break, you can find the official announcement by the studio about the upcoming 4K release of this film.

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1985 Tobe Hooper film Lifeforce comes to 4K in May

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The 1985 film Lifeforce will be getting a 4K UHD Blu-ray “Collector’s Edition” release on May 24th via Scream Factory.  The film, directed by Tobe Hooper, starred Steve Railsback, Peter Firth, Frank Finlay, Mathilda May, Michael Gothard, Nicholas Ball, and Patrick Stewart.

UPDATED:  The exact tech specs have yet to be detailed but you can expect a 2160p video presentation in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio taken from a new “2021 4K scan of the original negative” and lossless audio.  One could expect, although it has not been confirmed that this should include HDR10 form of high dynamic range on the 4K.  It is known (via the artwork, pictured above) that this release will come in the form of a “combo pack” with the 4K getting its Blu-ray Disc counterpart included.  In fact, this will include the theatrical cut of the film on 4K and Blu-ray as well as the “Director’s Cut” on a 3rd Blu-ray (in 1080p HD).  You can find the 4K UHD Blu-ray now available for preorder over at Amazon.  Below is a full list of the 3-disc sets details and bonus materials set to be included.


  • NEW 2021 4K Scan Of The Original Camera Negative


  • NEW 2021 4K Scan Of The Original Camera Negative
  • Dangerous Beauty – An Interview With Actress Mathilda May
  • Space Vampires In London – An Interview With Director Tobe Hooper
  • Carlsen’s Curse – An Interview With Actor Steve Railsback
  • Teaser And Theatrical Trailers
  • TV Spot
  • Still Gallery


  • NEW Restoration On The 2018 4K Scan Of The Interpositive
  • Audio Commentary With Tobe Hooper, Moderated By Tim Sullivan
  • Audio Commentary With Make-Up Effects Designer Nick Maley, Moderated By Michael Felsher

Stephen King stories turned film on Blu-ray get Steelbooks at Best Buy in October

Retailer Best Buy has three Exclusive Steelbooks on Blu-ray Disc planned for movies based on Stephen King stories. The TV mini-series It (1990), TV movie Salem’s Lot (1979), and film The Shining (1980) will get Steelbook treatment on October 2nd via Warner. The titles are all available for PRE-ORDER over at Best Buy priced at just $12.99 each. Their art can be seen above and below, but the full-size art hasn’t appeared yet on the web side, just on the mobile app side.



These are all three re-releases already available on the Blu-ray Disc format. No new transfers or bonus materials will be found on the new Steelbooks. It’s my guess that these are just being repackaged, likely in a marketing tie-in, to go with the currently available Warner produced Hulu series Castle Rock – based on Stephen King stories.