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Site News: Reviewer Brandon Cortez joins the staff

Today, we’re happy to welcome a new reviewer to the staff here at High Def Disc News. Brandon Cortez will be joining us reviewing 4K UHD Blu-ray titles and will also be contributing news tips as well. Below you’ll find a bit of info about Brandon in the form of his bio of sorts.

Brandon Cortez – A longtime movie collector and student of film since seeing Predator as a kid, I’ve been involved in consumer electronics for 2 decades which I do till this day. Current favorite genres are sci-fi, action and anime films. Self-admitted obsession with Dolby Vision and Atmos.

Domain has now been transferred here.

Alright, folks. Some SITE NEWS here for you all.

We have just permanently moved the domain over here to WordPress. It should be loading for you all fine but if you have any problems loading the page, just try the URL below:

Things should be loading fine in the next couple of days for everyone, if anyone is having problems loading us from the domain. Thanks!!

The domain has been renewed and is forwarding here, as some of you have noticed. I’ve also even had some old fans of the site contact asking when we’re coming back. So…

As of today I can tell you, on behalf of myself and my original co-writers: