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Robert Redford film Ordinary People on Blu-ray March

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The 1980 Academy Award-winning film Ordinary People will be coming to Blu-ray Disc as part of the Paramount Presents line on March 29th, via Paramount Home Entertainment. This release will be spine number 30 in the Paramount Presentes line of Blu-ray titles. The film, directed by Robert Redford, starred Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore, Timothy Hutton, Judd Hirsch, and M. Emmet Walsh. This movie won 4 “Oscars” (Academy Awards), including “Best Picture“, and was nominated for 6 Oscars total.

The movie has been “remastered from a new 4K film transfer overseen by Redford” according to a statement from the studio.  The tech specs for the release have not yet been detailed but stay tuned for a later update.  UPDATED: You can now find the Paramount Presents Blu-ray available for preorder over at Amazon.

The release will come with the typical fold-out original poster art on the slipcover as well as tasteful photos from the film also included throughout the package design (pictured below).

The bonus materials feature “new interviews with Hutton and Judith Guest, author of the novel upon which the movie was based.” Those extras set to be included with the release are listed below.

  • Swimming in the Rose Garden— In this new featurette, Best Supporting Actor Oscar® winner Timothy Hutton reflects on filming ORDINARY PEOPLE and the intriguing approach director Robert Redford took to create a feeling of isolation on set.
  • Feeling is Not Selective— Acclaimed American novelist Judith Guest discusses her novel and the process involved in adapting it for film.
  • Theatrical Trailer

Further below, after the break, you can find the full announcement regarding the upcoming Paramount Presents Blu-ray release of this film.

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1999 film The General’s Daughter comes to Blu-ray in June

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The 1999 film “The General’s Daughter” starring John Travolta is coming to Blu-ray Disc on June 29th via Paramount, according to retailers. The film, directed by Simon West, co-starred Madeleine StoweJames Cromwell, Timothy Hutton, Leslie Stefanson, Daniel von Bargen, Clarence Williams III, and James Woods. The tech specs and bonus materials for the release have not yet been detailed. You can find that the Blu-ray is now listed for preorder over at Amazon. Stay tuned for an update hopefully soon regarding more info on this Blu-ray debut of the film.