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“Creepshow: Season 1” comes to Blu-ray in May

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The 2019 Shudder original TV series Creepshow: Season 1 is coming to Blu-ray Disc on May 19th, via Image Entertainment (RLJE), according to Amazon. The show was based on the first two films of the same title and was produced by Greg Nicotero. In its first season, across six episodes and 12 tales, the show featured guest stars such as Adrienne Barbeau, Tobin Bell, Giancarlo Esposito, Dana Gould, Jeffrey Combs, DJ Qualls, and David Arquette. Tech specs for the Blu-ray have yet to be fully detailed but it is known that you can expect it to span across a 3-disc set. Stay tuned for any updates regarding bonus materials as well for the release, if and when I can get more info regarding it. It’s certainly worth noting that you can now find the Blu-ray Disc set already available for preorder over at Amazon.