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Universal Classic Monsters are coming to 4K in October

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There will officially be a Universal Classic Monsters: Icons of Horror Collection coming to 4K UHD Blu-ray on October 5th via Universal Studios Home Entertainment. This set comes just in time for Halloween. Four of the most iconic of the Universal Classic Monsters will be making their debut to 4K, with two celebrating their film’s 90th anniversaries and one celebrating its 80th anniversary. The films included in this set are as follows:

  • “Dracula” (1931) 90th Anniversary
  • “Frankenstein” (1931) 90th Anniversary
  • “The Invisible Man” (1933)
  • “The Wolf Man” (1941) 80th Anniversary

This set will come in a collectible boxed booklet form (as pictured below) with a page for each film in both the 4K and Blu-ray versions on each side.

Each of the four films will be presented in 2160p 4K resolution in the 1.33:1 (full frame) aspect ratio with HDR10 form of high dynamic range and (presumably Mono) DTS-HD Master Audio lossless sound mixes. This set will come in the form of a “combo pack” meaning that each film will get its Blu-ray Disc counterpart (in 1080p HD) and digital code (copies) of each will be included as well.

UPDATE: You can now find the 4K UHD Blu-ray set available for preorder over at Amazon.

The bonus materials here appear to include the identical extras found on the Blu-ray Disc releases of each film, as featured in the previous “Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection” Blu-ray set. Those can get rather lengthy, so I’ll be detailing them below, after the break, and also after the official announcement issued earlier today.

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1966 Rankin/Bass film The Daydreamer on Blu-ray in May

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The 1966 animated / live-action film “The Daydreamer” is coming to Blu-ray Disc on May 18th via Kino Lorber. The film, based on stories and characters written by Hans Christian Andersen, was directed by Jules Bass and written/produced by Arthur Rankin, Jr. (of Rankin/Bass). The Daydreamer featured the voice talents of Tallulah Bankhead, Victor Borge, Patty Duke, Jack Gilford, Sessue Hayakawa, Margaret Hamilton, Hayley Mills, Ed Wynn, Burl Ives, and Boris Karloff. The tech specs for the release have not yet been detailed. You can now find the Blu-ray listed for preorder over at Amazon. The bonus materials set to be included with this release are listed below.

  • Audio Commentary by Rankin/Bass Historian and Author Rick Goldschmidt with Film Historian Lee Gambin
  • Trailers

Original 1932 Scarface film comes to Blu-ray

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The classic 1932 original Scarface film produced by Howard Hughes is finally coming to Blu-ray Disc – as an individual release – on November 19th via Universal MOD. The film, co-directed by Howard HawksRichard Rosson, starred Paul MuniAnn DvorakKaren Morley, Osgood Perkins, C. Henry Gordon, George Raft, Vince Barnett, and Boris Karloff. This isn’t the first time this film has been available, as it was released (exclusively) as part of the “Scarface” 1983 4K UHD Blu-ray Limited Edition box set earlier this year. However, as mentioned, this will be the first time the film will be available on the Blu-ray format as an individual release. Speaking of which, this will be a MOD (manufacture on demand) Blu-ray title for Universal – as noted. This means that it will only be available online via Amazon and others. The tech specs for the release include 1080p HD Black & White video in the 1.37:1 aspect ratio with DTS-HD 2.0 Master Audio Mono sound. You can find the Blu-ray now available for preorder over at Amazon. The bonus materials set to be included on the release are listed below.

  • Introduction by TCM Host and Film Historian Robert Osborne
  • Alternate Ending

“The Boris Karloff / Bela Lugosi Collection” on Blu-ray in June


Four films starring the two iconic horror legends will be put together in what is being called The Boris Karloff / Bela Lugosi Collection on Blu-ray Disc which is coming on June 18th, via Scream Factory. The four films that are included in this 4-disc set (collection) are listed below.

  • “The Black Cat” (1934)
  • “The Raven” (1935)
  • “The Invisible Ray” (1936)
  • “Black Friday” (1940)

The tech specs for the releases will include black & white 1080p HD video in the 1.33:1 aspect for each film. It has not yet been confirmed yet, but each film will likely come with lossless mono sound, although that’s only speculation. The Blu-ray set is already available for pre-order over at Amazon and directly via Shout! Factory‘s store. According to Scream Factory “Extras are in process and will be announced on a later date.” So stay tuned for an update on this release.

Editor Note: The release date has been pushed back from April now to June. I’ve updated the post to reflect this new release date change.