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Once Upon A Time in Hollywood on 4K and Blu-ray

once_upon_a_time_in_hollywood_4k– ad – commissions earned –

The 2019 Quentin Tarantino film “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” is officially coming to 4K UHD Blu-ray and Blu-ray Disc on December 10th, via Sony. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprioBrad PittMargot Robbie, Emile Hirsch, Margaret Qualley, Timothy Olyphant, Julia Butters, Dakota Fanning, Bruce Dern, and Al Pacino. Tech specs for the 4K release include 2160p video in the 2.39:1 aspect ratio with HDR10 form of High Dynamic Range and DTS-HD 7.1 Master Audio sound. Tech specs for the Blu-ray include a 1080p video presentation in the 2.39:1 aspect ratio with DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio sound. Both the standard 4K and Blu-ray versions will come in the form of a “combo pack” with the 4K getting the Blu-ray counterpart, the Bu-ray getting the DVD counterpart and each getting a digital code (copy) of the film. The film is now available to preorder on 4K UHD Blu-ray and Blu-ray Disc (in standard releases) over at Amazon. There will also be a very cool retro Collector’s Edition of the film released on 4K UHD Blu-ray (pictured below) which will include the physical extras like a 45rpm vinyl single of “Rick Dalton” music, a collectible MAD Magazine from 1969, and a fictional movie poster (starring “Rick Dalton”) in very beautiful packaging. This collector’s edition is now available for preorder over at Amazon.


once_upon_a_time_in_hollywood_4k_collectors_beaty– click for a larger view of the contents –

Bonus materials set to be included on the 4K and Blu-ray are listed below.

  • Over Twenty Minutes of Additional Scenes
  • Five exclusive behind the scenes pieces including:
    • Quentin Tarantino’s Love Letter to Hollywood
    • Bob Richardson – For the Love of Film
    • Shop Talk – The Cars of 1969
    • Restoring Hollywood – The Production Design of Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood
    • The Fashion of 1969

There will be a total of three retail exclusives for the film on the home video release. First off, there will be a 4K UHD Blu-ray Steelbook available exclusively over at retailer Best Buy (pictured below) which is now available for preorder.


Next, there will be an exclusive Blu-ray in Magazine style available over at the retailer  Target (pictured below) which is now available for preorder.

once_upon_a_time_in_hollywood_bluray_target_magazineLastly, there will be an exclusive Blu-ray that includes 5 postcards (pictured below) available over at retailer Walmart which is not yet available for preorder. Stay tuned for an update on it.

once_upon_a_time_in_hollywood_bluray_walmart_exclusive– click above for a larger view –

Further below, after the break, you can find the full announcement regarding all of the upcoming home video releases of this film on 4K and Blu-ray.

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Scarface 1983 with Pacino on 4K in October


The 1983 Brian De Palma directed film Scarface starring Al Pacino is officially coming to 4K UHD Blu-ray in a “Gold Edition” on October 15th via Universal. The film’s screenplay was written by Oliver Stone and it co-starred Michelle PfeifferSteven Bauer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Robert Loggia. Tech specs for the 4K include 2160p video in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio in HDR10 form of High Dynamic Range and DTS:X sound. The release will come in the form of “combo pack” with a Blu-ray and digital copy (code) of the film included. UPDATE: Amazon has now added back a pre-order listing for the 4K UHD Blu-ray. Bonus materials set to be included on the release are listed below.

  • Scarface: 35th Anniversary Reunion [also on the 4K disc]
  • The Scarface Phenomenon
  • The World of Tony Montana
  • The Rebirth
  • The Acting
  • The Creating
  • Scarface: The TV Version
  • The Making of Scarface: The Video Game

There also will be a LIMITED EDITION “The World is Yours” theme 4K UHD Blu-ray Gift Set which will include a collectible gold statue from the film as well as a Blu-ray Disc of the original 1932 “Scarface” film with an introduction by Turner Classic Movies host and film historian Robert Osborne. You can find a glimpse of this set pictured below. UPDATE: This 4K Limited Edition set is now available for pre-order over at Amazon.


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