New Blu-ray Releases for June 30th, 2020

The following new titles will be released June 30th, 2020 on Blu-ray Disc:

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June 30th, 2020

come_and_see_blurayCome and See (1985) [The Criterion Collection]

django_blurayDjango (1966) / Texas, Adios (1966) [Arrow Video]

django_bluray_steelbookDjango (1966) / Texas, Adios (1966) SteelBook [Arrow Video]

first_snow_blurayFirst Snow (2006) [MVD Marquee Collection]

force_of_nature_blurayForce of Nature [Lionsgate]

four_kids_and_it_blurayFour Kids and It [Lionsgate]

hair_olive_blurayHair (1979) [Olive Signature]

laurel_and_hardy_the_definitive_restorations_blurayLaurel & Hardy: The Definitive Restorations [Kit Parker Films]

narrow_margin_1990_blurayNarrow Margin (1990) [KL Studio Classics]

not_for_publication_blurayNot for Publication (1984) [KL Studio Classics]

orca_the_killer_whale_blurayOrca: The Killer Whale (1977) [Scream Factory]

paracelsus_blurayParacelsus (1943) [Kino Classics]

patty_hearst_blurayPatty Hearst (1988) [Vinegar Syndrome]

promise_at_dawn_blurayPromise at Dawn (2017) [Menemsha Films]

redcon-1_blurayRedcon-1 [Dread Central]

scenes_from_the_class_struggle_in_beverly_hills_blurayScenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989) [KL Studio Classics]

street_survivors_the_true_story_of_the_lynyrd_skynyrd_plane_crash_blurayStreet Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash [Cleopatra]

sukiyaki_western_django_bluraySukiyaki Western Django (2007) [MVD Marquee Collection]

ten_little_indians_blurayTen Little Indians (1989) [KL Studio Classics]

the_estrucan_smile_blurayThe Etruscan Smile (2019) [Lightyear Video/MVD]

the_immortalizer_blurayThe Immortalizer (1989) [Vinegar Syndrome]

wild_palms_blurayWild Palms (1993) [KL Studio Classics]