New Blu-ray Releases for August 27th, 2019

The following new titles will be released August 27th, 2019 on Blu-ray Disc:

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aspen_extreme_blurayAspen Extreme (1993) [KL Studio Classics]

butley_blurayButley (1974) [Kino Classics]

day_of_the_outlaw_blurayDay of the Outlaw (1959) [KL Studio Classics]

fear_in_the_night_blurayFear in the Night (1974) [Scream Factory]

get_out_your_handkerchiefs_blurayGet Out Your Handkerchiefs (1978) [Cohen Film Collection]

godzilla_king_of_the_monsters_blurayGodzilla: King of the Monsters [Warner]

good_2008_blurayGood (2008) [MPI Home Video]

in_celebration_blurayIn Celebration (1975) [Kino Classics]

insomnia_1997_criterion_blurayInsomnia (1997) [The Criterion Collection]

into_the_badlands_the_complete_third_season_blurayInto the Badlands: The Complete Third Season [Lionsgate]

jezebel_blurayJezebel (1938) [Warner Archive]

killers_anonymous_blurayKillers Anonymous [Lionsgate]

love_letters_blurayLove Letters (1983) [Scorpion Releasing]

man_without_a_star_bluray.jpgMan Without a Star (1955) [KL Studio Classics]

nova_the_planets_blurayNOVA: The Planets [PBS]

Blu-ray-Osleeve_Template [Converted]Rocketman [Paramount]

rocketman_bluray_steelbook_tiltedRocketman (Steelbook) [Paramount]
Walmart Exclusive Steelbook

the_banana_splits_movie_blurayThe Banana Splits Movie [Warner]

the_flash_the_complete_fifth_car_blurayThe Flash: The Complete Fifth Season [Warner]

the_flavor_of_green_tea_over_rice_blurayThe Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice (1952) [The Criterion Collection]

the_koker_trilogy_blurayThe Koker Trilogy [The Criterion Collection]

the_last_black_man_in_san_francisco_blurayThe Last Black Man in San Francisco [Lionsgate]

the_leech_woman_blurayThe Leech Woman (1960) [Scream Factory]

the_people_vs_larry_flynt_blurayThe People vs. Larry Flynt [Sony MOD]

the_secret_life_of_pets_2_blurayThe Secret Life of Pets 2 [Universal]

the_secret_life_of_pets_2-movie_collection_blurayThe Secret Life of Pets: 2-Movie Collection [Universal]

the_vanishing_shadow_blurayThe Vanishing Shadow (1934) [VCI Video]

v_the_original_miniseries_blurayV: The Original Miniseries [Warner Archive]