New Blu-ray Releases for May 28th, 2019

The following new titles will be released May 28th, 2019 on Blu-ray Disc:


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a_vigilante_blurayA Vigilante (2019) [Lionsgate]

arabian_adventure_blurayArabian Adventure (1979) [KL Studio Classics]

beatriz_at_dinner_blurayBeatriz at Dinner [Lionsgate]

bisbee_17_blurayBisbee ’17 [Grasshopper Film]

blue_velevet_criterion_blurayBlue Velvet [The Criterion Collection]

boom_blurayBoom! (1968) [Shout Select]

climax_blurayClimax (2018) [Lionsgate]

double_impact_blurayDouble Impact [MVD Rewind Collection]

general_commander_bluray.jpgGeneral Commander [Lionsgate]

greta_blurayGreta (2019) [Universal]

lords_of_chaos_blurayLords of Chaos [Unobstructed View]

madame_x_blurayMadame X (1966) [KL Studio Classics]

one_sings_the_other_doesnt_blurayOne Sings, the Other Doesn’t (1977) [The Criterion Collection]

outlander_season_four_blurayOutlander: Season Four [Sony]

outlander_season_four_collectors_edition_blurayOutlander: Season Four (Collector’s Edition) [Sony]

penny_points_to_paradise_bluray.jpgPenny Points to Paradise (1951) [Juno Selects]

portrait_in_black_blurayPortrait in Black (1960) [KL Studio Classics]

skin_2008_bluray.jpgSkin (2008) [MPI Home Video]

south_park_the_complete_twenty-second_season_bluraySouth Park: The Complete Twenty-Second Season [Paramount]

steel_magnolias_bluraySteel Magnolias [Sony]

the_alligator_people_blurayThe Alligator People [Scream Factory]

the_oath_blurayThe Oath (2018) [Lionsgate]

the_three_burials_of_melquiades_estrada_blurayThe Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada [Sony]

the_unity_of_heroes_blurayThe Unity of Heroes [Well Go USA]

to_wong_foo_thanks_for_everything_julie_newmar_blurayTo Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newar [Shout Select]

when_a_stranger_calls_back_blurayWhen A Stranger Calls Back [Scream Factory]